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Psalm 113-118 Messages
Day to Praise - David Nekrutman Psalm 113 Psalm 114 Psalm 116

Hallel Resources

Day to Praise has developed a free resource for you to learn how to recite Psalms 113-118 in Hebrew, the original language of the Tanach (Hebrew Bible).

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The first day of summer class at Oral Roberts University in July of 2014, David Nekrutman, the Executive Director for the Day to Praise, receives a text that the Gaza War has just begun in Israel.

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Psalms 113-118 Worship Songs

As part of creating a global movement in having people recite Psalms 113-118 on Israel’s Independence Day, the Day to Praise staff are also creating worship music.

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The freedom FROM Pharaoh is a freedom TO God

The psalmist declares: “Truly, Lord, I am Your servant; I am Your servant, the son of Your maidservant. You set me free from my chains.” (116:16).

Insight #1: The exodus from Egypt was never intended to be a “free for all” in self-gratification. The freedom FROM Pharaoh is a FREEDOM to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The biblical understanding, from a Jewish point of view, is that a belief in God is more than He exists and created the world; it is the belief He created and formed me, gave me my standing, informed me of my duty, and He continues to create, form, keep, guide and lead me. Read more